We provide staffing solutions for temporary, temporary-to-hire, direct hire, and payrolling services. We serve our clients with high-quality candidates that are ready for immediate work without additional training days. Once our clients post a job opening, we aim to have that position filled within 1 to 5 days. This is achievable with extensive processes that we use to eliminate the wait for both the client and the applicant.

Our four-step
Intelligent Fit
process enables us to find the perfect match for our clients and applicants. These steps include:

Step 1: 360 Job View

Remedy's unique approach begins with a consultation with the client to fully assess not only the job's skill requirements, but also the demands of the job culture.

Step 2: Proactive recruiting

Since help-wanted advertising aims at the 5% who are unemployed, hiring through traditional means is often unproductive. Remedy uses pinpointed recruiting strategies, referrals, and industry networking to proactively recruit from the 95% who are employed but maybe seeking new opportunities. We also target recent college graduates and professionals returning to the workforce.

Step 3: Verified References

After a thorough process of candidates' capabilities, we carefully verify and document their work histories.

Step 4: The Right Candidate for You

Remedy's exclusive assessment and selection tools test for knowledge, skills and behavior appropriate for the work, company and the manager. Our online Remedy Knowledge Bank assessments provide a precise measurement of each candidate's skill set as it relates specifically to your open position.

We Get People

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We ensure our clients have ready-to-work and quality employees by our prospect process.

This process includes:

  • Prior drug screening
  • Extensive background checks
  • Behavior interviewing
  • Reference checks
  • Knowledge/skill tests
  • Personality tests
  • Viewing of safety video over rules and regulations
  • An Integrity test that must be passed before consideration
  • Software training and development

Additional Remedy services that take staffing solutions to a higher level:

Access to immediate Human Resources. We provide a fast placement for posted positions in order to supply skilled and motivated workers in a time when you need them the most.

We offer the only truly full service approach to meet your business' needs in East Texas. Along with finding candidates for hire, we have a proven expertise in developing and implementing customized human resources, training and development, and safety programs that systematically help our clients achieve key business objectives.

We offer options to take our work with you to the next level. One of our most popular options that we offer our clients is the use of our TYmetrics management solutions. This system is an organizational database customized to fit your company's needs by supplying:

  • Employee time and attendance reports with detailed head-counts, dollar amounts, and weekly hour summaries
  • Management reports for employee listings, time shortage, approaching overtime, performance analysis, and monthly staffing
  • Detailed, summary, department summary, and management labor cost reports
  • Human resources reports for attendance, payroll, exceptions, and employee wage codes
  • Turnover and fill ratio reports
  • For more information on our TYmetrics system and how it could work for you, Click Here.

A guaranteed Remedy for recruitment. Unlike retained recruitment companies that charge whether or not they have successfully fulfilled their duties, our clients only pay upon successful placement. This is just another testimony of the confidence we have in our process. If our candidate resigns or is terminated for cause during the first 15 business days of employment, Remedy will conduct a new search at no additional charge.

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